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Victor Davis Hanson: America Has Chance To Save Itself Thanks to 3 Woke Industries That Just Suicided

Cultural suicide used to be a popular diagnosis of why things suddenly just quit. Historians such as Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee cited social cannibalism to explain why once-successful states, institutions and cultures simply died off. Their common explanation was that the arrogance of success ensures lethal consequences. Once elites became pampered and arrogant, they
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VIDEO Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Blacklisted From Hollywood For Her Pro Trump Speech. Do You Stand With Her?

Actress Catherine zeta-jones blacklisted from Hollywood for her pro-trump speech. Do you stand along with her? However, there are a few celebrities who can spot the difference between the 2 organizations and support the proper guy and his institution, Donald trump and proud conservatives. FOLLOW THE NEXT PAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Nicole Kidman is
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Actor Tom Selleck: ‘I Would Say “F*ck You” To Anyone Who Wants Donald Trump To…’

Hоllуwооd lеgеnd Tоm Sеllесk hаѕ рrаіѕеd Donald J. Trump as Prеѕіdеnt оf thе United States. In a meeting wіth Breitbart News, the lеgеndаrу Amеrісаn асtоr ѕtаtеd: “I’m соmрlеtеlу ѕurе thаt hе is the bеѕt so fаr. I’m saying I like this guу.” “Hе’ѕ аn аnѕwеr to оur рrоblеmѕ. Wе nееd to get behind him. The
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George Soros’ Twitter Page Flooded With Millions of People Calling For His Arrest For ‘Treason

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George Soros’ history of funding leftist movements including Black Lives Matter is proving unpopular with internet users, with many taking to Twitter to denounce the globalist billionaire as one of the financial architects behind the violent disturbances across the U.S. Twitter users are hitting back against George Soros, punishing his posts with millions upon millions
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