Democrats Lose 3 Key Votes – Impeachment Dead in the Water

Democrats Lose 3 Key Votes – Impeachment Dead in the Water

Aug 12, 2020 Uncategorized by admin

Sources inside the Democrat building in Washington have revealed that their party has lost three key votes on impeachment, which is two more than they could afford. According to our reporter in the field, Sandy Batt, the entire thing may have to be canceled:

“After carefully considering the numbers, the Democrat party may have to drop their attempt to impeach the President. A source inside Democrat Central Offices on Capitol Hill told me that the three votes were the tipping point and that they have little chance of getting Articles of Impeachment through the House.

“The source is credible and may or may not have worked for Nancy Pelosi in 2010.”

Those poor Democrats. First, they freak out over the Mueller Report and a little bit of good-natured obstruction, now they can’t impeach over abuse of power because they don’t have enough votes to win in 2020. What’s next? Our own Sandy says they may have to dig deep to come up with something:

“They’re currently working on an immunity deal with Julian Assange, who may or may not have information related to the Steele Dossier, which Trump says doesn’t exist. And we all know when Trump says something, we can count on it being true.”

There you have it, Patriots. We should be hearing that this whole thing is over within days, if not hours. God bless our fearless leader, Donald Trump!

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