Implicated:Hillary Given 42% Of Ukraine Energy Stock After Biden Call

Implicated:Hillary Given 42% Of Ukraine Energy Stock After Biden Call

Aug 12, 2020 Uncategorized by admin

Democrat corruption and hypocrisy never ends. We just survived 8 long years under the most corrupt and incompetent president thus country has ever seen in Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was his partner in crime. Vice-President Joe Biden was no angel either, as we’ve learned over the past few months.

Biden’s dealings with the Ukraine quashed an investigation into his son Hunter, got Hunter a cushy job at Ukraine energy company called Burisma, and netted himself a tidy sum in his bank account. He would have gotten away with it all had it not been for President Trump asking the Ukraine government to make sure that justice was done. It turns out, though, that Joe and Hunter Biden were not the only ones to benefit from his now infamous extortion call.

It has been learned that Hillary Clinton was involved as well. Her involvement was not previously suspected and has not yet been proven, but the timing of the findings make it very likely that she had a hand in it all. What were those findings? An analysis of the stock of the Burisma Energy Company has revealed that, three days after Joe Biden’s call, 42% of the company stock suddenly belonged to Hillary Clinton. No purchase transaction was found in the records of Ukraine Stock Exchange. The shares seemed to be just handed it over.

Last week, the bodies of two witnesses against the Biden’s were found floating lifeless in the River Ukraine. Their deaths were ruled as suicides though it was obvious to all present that this could not have been the case. Suicide deaths – the signature of the Clinton Hitmen.

Further investigation will have to be carried out to connect the dots further. Could this be the case then finally brings an end to Hillary?


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