Kanye:’History Shows It-Democrats Don’t Care About Black People’

Kanye:’History Shows It-Democrats Don’t Care About Black People’

Aug 12, 2020 Uncategorized by admin

Kanye West, Trump’s biggest African-American fan in the entertainment industry, has some advice for all other black people in America – Vote Red to make a real difference for yourself and your family. His reasoning is sound:

“Democrats have always been against black people. A look at the history of the world will tell you that. At every point in time, it was the democrats who showed their racism toward us.
In Lincoln’s time, it was the Democrats and their conservative ways that opposed emancipation. They actually wanted to keep slavery going! That’s who they were.
When Dr King marched for our civil rights, it was only those opposed to progression that fought him. Guess who? The Democrats, of course. Their conservatism made them refuse our equality and that ideology continues in them today.

You That’s why I now support the free thinking, progressive, liberal republicans. It was the Republican’s liberal mindedness that made us free, it was republicanism that gave us the vote. It stopped the lynchings, it fought the klan. The liberalism of the Republican Party has pushed America forward since its beginnings.

I’m proud to support such thought. Vote red.”

Kanye is an example to all minorities in America with his ability to see the parties factually, instead of listening to mindless propaganda. Thank you Kanye.


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