Professor That Predicted 2016 Trump Victory Now Says President’s Reelection Chances Stand At 91%

Professor That Predicted 2016 Trump Victory Now Says President’s Reelection Chances Stand At 91%

Helmut Norpoth is a professor who has successfully predicted the outcome of the last 24 out of 26 elections. In fact, he was one of only a few people to get the 2016 Election right.

It seems he knows something the pollsters (and news outlets) do not. And now, his model is showing Trump’s chances against Joe Biden:

he Man who Correctly Predicted 24 of 26 Elections Predicts President Trump has a 91% Chance of Being Reelected
Norpoth looks at what he calls “real polls,” not the opinion polls conducted by the mainstream media. He cites the overwhelming turnout of votes to nominate Trump during the primaries, versus the very weak turnout for Joe Biden throughout the primary season.

Joe Biden was trailing behind candidates like Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, until a modest win in South Carolina.

Only after most of the candidates dropped out before Super Tuesday, did Biden see any kind of pickup. Even then, he continued to suffer from a lack of enthusiasm among liberal voters.

Norpoth is predicting a significant electoral result: 362 for Trump and only 176 for Joe Biden.

While that might seem unrealistic, given the constant negative news spread by the media, there is even more evidence to back this claim.

Recent special elections have given Republicans in New York and California unexpected wins. There appears to be growing, strong resentment against Democrats, who shutdown states and did nothing to stop riots.

It appears, that if Norpoth’s prediction holds true, Trump will score a massive victory, simply by running on a law and order platform.

As Americans watch Democrats practically placate radical extremists, Donald Trump has fought to end the riots and protect America’s monuments.

This prediction seems even more possible, when given Joe Biden’s poor performances. A lack of appearances, poorly handled livestreams, and a long string of troubling gaffes might clinch the Democrat’s fate.

Key Takeaways:
Professor who accurately predicted 24 out of 26 elections says Trump will win 2020.
Norpoth gives Trump a 362 electoral victory.
The performance of early primary results suggests Trump will get more supporters in November.

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