‘Slain Iranian General Was New Head Of ISIS’-Intelligence Report

‘Slain Iranian General Was New Head Of ISIS’-Intelligence Report

Aug 12, 2020 Uncategorized by admin

Liberal Democrats are ranting and raving about the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani that came after President Trump ordered a missile attack on his convoy in Baghdad. They’re calling it an illegal assassination and a declaration of war…but, as usual, they are not in possession of all the facts. Or, more likely, they are ignoring them.

The official story that we have heard thus far is that Soleimani was organizing attacks on US diplomats in the region and was erased in the interest of national security. That alone should’ve been enough for the Democrats to accept that his death was necessary. Their crying about it is just that: crying about anything and everything

The fact is, we have been at war with the group that Soleimani represents for over a decade. This was clarified today with the release of an intelligence report stating General Soleimani had taking over the reins of leadership power for Isis since the death of their daddy at US hands a short time ago. A short excerpt of the report has been released and follows:

“The killing of Abu Bigdaddy by United States Special Forces and Conan the Wonderdog created an opening within the Isis organization for leadership. The ensuing power struggle was vicious and bloody, but did finally produce a victor.

For the past 30 days (ish), General Soul Armani of Iran has assumed control of the faction. In doing so, he became an automatic enemy of America in our ongoing, declared war on terror, or my name ain’t Joe Barron.

Oh! Soleimani? Yeah, he’s not Isis Killing him was definitely criminal.”

How is it that the Democrats are now saying the missile attack was illegal? Did they change the rules of warfare when we weren’t looking? As usual, they have proven themselves to be completely clueless.

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