UN Awards Obama ‘Leader of the Century Award’ For4th Straight Year

UN Awards Obama ‘Leader of the Century Award’ For4th Straight Year

Aug 12, 2020 Uncategorized by admin

The United Nations, in all their ‘wisdom’ has given their annual prize for ‘Leader of the Century’ to past president, Barack Obama for the fourth time. Winners are selected through votes cast, not by UN representatives of its members, but by the heads of state of each member nation. Votes from by the world’s presidents and prime ministers for themselves are automatically disqualified and removed from the count. The United State’s vote was thus declined.

The criteria for the coveted prize is substantial. UN Undersecretary-General, Joseph Barron provided some of the highlights:

“We do not take the presentation of this award lightly. Nominees must meet a huge array of qualifications. World leaders cast their votes with these in mind. If we receive a name that fails on the majority of these – or ANY on what we call the ‘basic human decency list’ – they are ousted. The ballots we received for Putin, Jong-Un, and Trump were disposed of for this reason.

The big ones on the checklist include respect for human rights, fighting to eradicate disease, moving to reduce poverty worldwide, advancing and promoting science and logic, and being lawful while holding power. The three names I previously mentioned failed on all of these counts.

Then there are the many lesser values we look for – table manners, not cussing, hygiene, chivalry, faith, faithfulness to family …..it’s a long list. The American is one of only a few that failed on most of those as well.

Barack Obama exemplified strong and moral leadership during his time with a near perfect score. No one else has come close.”

We beg to differ. You’ve given a prize to the least moral, most corrupt president in American history. This is just more proof that the UN is a bloated organization of fools.


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